Free Smtp Server – Break Free With a Universal Free SMTP Server

If you’re a business traveler, you know well the chaos of an email breakdown midway through a business trip. Since corporate communications thrive majorly on emails, such ignominies sometimes lead to rescheduling or even completely calling off business schedules.

Moreover, in the days of end-to-end communications, going down with your ability to stay connected is perceived a massive handicap.

If your emails often come unstuck on the move, here’s revisiting certain simple yet crucial emailing fundamentals. For most users, emailing centers on two main pillars: the SMTP or the outgoing mail server, and either of the POP/IMAP servers for handling incoming emails.

By default, your device is programmed for smtp services provided by the ISP (Internet Service Provider). The SMTP server is singularly behind delivering your outgoing emails to the recipient’s incoming server. However, your device locks into different set of ISP providers on the move, each with its own dedicated SMTP server.

Either you reconfigure your device ever time you move to new ISP, or have your outgoing emails blocked. This is what effects majority of email outages encountered on the go.

This is where subscribing to a stable third-party Free Smtp Server, or a universal outgoing server proves a winner. These services provide free outgoing SMTP servers which break through existential network barriers. There are no device or ISP restrictions, while most of the popular email clients (Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, Eudora) are duly covered.

In Mysendmail, we serve you an advanced free SMTP service designed to meet corporate requirements globally. The free SMTP service holds up against network swops without pushing the user to meddle with device settings.

Moreover, the free outgoing server makes devices sync with networks across the board, without any device limitations. Whether you’re on a Pda, Laptop, Desktop, Smartphone, or a Phablet, your emails shall always keep flowing. MySendmail configures your email server settings with the existing networks without linking to any third-party free SMTP server. Your email security thus stays high.

Email delivery is often a concern, especially on the go. Built into our free smtp server mechanism are robust tracking and monitoring systems that generate on-device delivery alerts. The status of your outgoing mail is continually tracked and recorded. You can check in anytime to access you logs.

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